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Danforth and Eliza Keyes' house on Bacon Street, Warren, MA, circa 1875, taken from a tintype. It was later owned by their great-great-grandson Robert A. "Bob" Buck, and the future home of the Tucker's Hobbies store.

The Keyes' daughter Charlotte "Lottie" Keyes married Walter Demond of Ware; their eldest daughter Alice married Arthur S. Tucker, who would operate the Main Street hardware store. After her husband died at a young age, Lottie returned with her three daughters to live in her parent's house. When Arthur and Alice were married, they also lived in the Keyes house until Lottie bought the former Torkelson house up the hill on Bacon St. where the Tuckers moved in. Eventually Arthur and Alice's daughter Marjorie married James E. Buck of Greenville, Maine, and they moved into the Keyes house where their son Bob grew up, watched trains over the low windowsills, and eventually opened the hobby store.